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Only want one account but have 2

  1. Normally, I login to WP through my website (set up via Godaddy) with the /wp after the web address. WHen I was attempting to connect with WP through the Facebook app called Klout it would not except my username and password. So I thought I needed to go to the WP site and create a username and password (thinking that the one for my website admin was through GoDaddy). But the message I got was this
    This account is already associated with another Klout account (560678). Please contact support." I don't have another klout account. So is this someone else's account? or are my 2 WP login's conflicting and how to I correct it so I only have 1.

    I'm new to WP so I don't know how any of this works
    Thanks for your help
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  2. bottega108,

    If you are attempting to log in to Klout using Facebook, it wants your Facebook login information, not your WordPress or Go Daddy login information. It will also typically give you the option of logging in using your Twitter information. Either way, it shouldn't have anything to do with your WordPress or Go Daddy account. If you are still unable to login using your Facebook (or Twitter) information, I would contact Klout directly:

    I hope this has been helpful.

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  3. Thanks for the help, but the login specifically said to type in my WP email/username and password. It wasn't my FB passwords.

    Since I already had a WP login I was wondering why it didn't work .

    But thanks for the response


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