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Only want to change one thing, no idea how

  1. Hi,
    I just changed my theme to iTheme2 which is great, but so far there is only one thing I don't like and would like to change, but I have zero CSS skills and so before I upgrade I want to ask if the following change can be made...

    When archives or categories are clicked the default design setting opens up all the posts in full. My old theme (Vigilante) opened a page with a list of posts titles in the archive or category selected. I much prefer this as it means my readers can scroll through titles and find what they are looking for quickly. Can I make iTheme2 do the same?

    If the answer is yes, is it a simple change that someone can talk me through? And if it is difficult is there a service where I can pay someone to do it for me?



    The blog I need help with is

  2. When archives or categories are clicked the default design setting opens up all the posts in full.

    I don't help with CSS but I believe this may apply:

    Does the Custom Design upgrade let me edit HTML?
    No. The Custom Design upgrade allows you to edit fonts and CSS only. You can change the appearance of a theme, but not its HTML markup, PHP code, or content.

  3. Thanks, I think that means no :)
    Do you know if it is possible to pay the theme designer to change it? I really like the theme but may have to go back to the one I used before as it made locating old posts so much easier.

  4. You don't understand. Every blog here on this multiuser blogging platform wearing the same theme is using the same underlying template. We cannot edit tehemes or templates. Only Staff can access and those files and edit as every edit they make affects all blogs wearing the same themes.

  5. See here please for selecting another theme >

  6. ahhhh, ok, now I get it. So I think it is a case of me changing themes (such a shame) or purchasing a custom theme. Thanks for clarifying.

  7. I've blogged for over 7 years now and the number of people who click on my Archives links is very low.

  8. I agree, though clicking on the categories is very common, I also do it myself to refer someone to a recipe quickly.

  9. It might be a long shot but using the more tag will let you display a snippet of content and users would need to click through to get to the full post:

    It does apply both to archives pages as well as the home page, so I'm not sure if it's a solution that will work for you.

  10. Thanks, I'll try that.

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