Only want to show main page in google searches

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    Wondering if anyone can provide assistance with my site, I only want the static front page to show in google searches as at the moment everything is coming up and I think it is confusing people; does anyone know if there is a way I can stop the others appearing in searches?

    The blog I need help with is



    What you are asking for is not possible on a site.

    On, there are two options for the robots.txt file of your site, which tells bots what they can and cannot crawl for their index. These options are determined by what you have indicated in the Settings>Reading>privacy settings of your site and are: None (Private site or blocked to search engines) or All (Public site).

    Having a Public site means all content can be crawled and indexed.

    However, you may be able to do something on the Google webmaster end if you registered your site with Google webmaster tools.

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