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    Hi there,

    I’ve been blogging for a long time, but I only recently came back to WordPress, in part motivated by the recent OnSwipe announcement.

    I like the OnSwipe format so far, although I agree it’s a tad slower than I thought it would be.

    Today I added a blogpost that had a photo of mine from Flickr as well as an embedded YouTube video. I noticed three problems that I don’t see when I access my site on my laptop.

    1. When I access it on my iPad, the most recent image is not shown on the cover (instead, I see the next most recent image).
    2. When I go to the “All Posts” page, no image preview is shown — instead I get a blank space and the text from the blog entry.
    3. When I click through to the individual blog entry, I can finally see the photo, but the embedded video does not show or play.

    Thanks for your help.


    The blog I need help with is pompeiitoday.com.



    (The url is pompeiitoday.com by the way.)

    I just tried something new, but I’m still experiencing two of the problems.

    I split the blog post into two separate posts: one for the image from Flickr, and one for the video.

    Neither post shows up on the cover page for OnSwipe, and neither one is visible when you click “All Posts”. But when I click through to the video blog entry, I am now able to see and play the embedded video..





    WP Staff must have been tinkering behind the scenes, because these problems seem to have been resolved.

    Thanks, Staff!


    If you’re still wondering how to fix no images showing for the posts? Here is the fix!!

    In the Article composing window, you can see “Featured Image” tab at RIGHT-BOTTOM, here you go attach image that you want to show with the article.

    Like many people, I’m also wondering why it’s not taking the image in the article. Now it’s got fixed.

    But still wondering, why my cover page image is not coming :(

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