Oops accidentally deleted page – search engine problem

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    I accidentally deleted a page with a table for translation of marking scales.

    I was easy to restore the content by inserting it to a new page from the cache.

    However, the problem is that Google search on the relevant term omregning karakterskala, in which the old pages appeared as no. 5, now directs to a Doh! page. This will make people think that the page does not exist anymore and give up, thus the old page is bad competition for the new page. I suppose there is no way I can remove the old page from the Google cache, can I in anyway get acces to the old page to redirect to the new? I have tried by inserying the old adress in “page slug”, that did not help.

    Thank you.




    If this page is ‘replacing’ this one, have you considered changing the title of the new page from “KARAKTEROMREGNING FRA DANSK TIL AUSTRALSK KARAKTERSKALA” to “Omregning fra dansk til australsk karakterskala”?

    If you enter the title starting with “Omregning” in your page slug, it would appear as though the software is appending the page slug to the page title and putting the concatenated string in the URL.

    What if you leave the page slug blank and change the title as suggested above? That might work because then the software would take the ‘old’ title and put it in the URL like it did before.

    The page google is linking to has the following URL:

    The new page has this URL:

    Give it a try, hopefully it will work for ya.



    No I tried that almost from the start. It just created a blank page.

    However, a very friendly soul on WordPress Support, named Barry, solved the problem for me.

    Thank you, Barry :-)



    You’re welcome

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