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Oops, deleted my card

  1. I accidentally deleted my credit card info when all i wanted to do was update its billing address. I think it canceled all my services (doman forwarding etc...) and I don't want to lose my CSS etc... HELP!

    What do we do, can we put it back please!

  2. Hi there!

    You should be able to update your information under Users > Personal Settings > Account Details you will be able to find “Stored Credit Card Details” and change, add, or remove it.

    If you then want add auto-renew for your upgrades, in Store > My Upgrades, there will be a link to update credit card details next to each upgrade:– “Update Credit Card.”

    Let me know if you have any questions.

  3. Hi. I see nothing there. Is that because I deleted my card by accident?
    Do i have to resign up for everything and do I need to relink my account the my own domain again? (there is this button on the bottom of this screen that says "get up graded. Go Premium" btw

  4. You have to make sure you're signed in as the same username as the original. Did you change your username or have more than one account?

  5. hi. I only have one account and i'm logged in.

    Under account details, i have only these options... Is there someone on the staff that can actually look at my account and tell me whats going on?:

    New password

  6. @boxandline: Are you unable to add your credit card details when you go to Store -> My Upgrades and click the "Enable Auto Renew" button?

    If you click that button, you should be prompted to add a new credit card.

    Please let me know if you still have trouble adding your card after trying those instructions.

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