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Oops! Removed /feed/


    Im using the Ambiru theme and thought a clever thing would be to name a new page /feed/ to get my rss as a top link. Didn't work and i removed it.

    However, when accessing it now says this is a non-existent page.

    How do i get my /feed/ back and is there a way to have my rss as a link next to "About" in this theme?

  2. I see you feed fine at the link you give.

    Only thing I can think of is createing a Page with the title 'RSS', give it a slug labeles something like 'rss-feed' (don't name it 'feed' though like you did before :) and provide a link to your feed. I'm afraid that's the only thing I can think of.

  3. fadetogrey, interesting idea. I think Mike is correct that it is not currently possible. Most people will be looking for a feed link in your sidebar, and actually putting it as a Page Label may be a poor user experience as it would not meet a person's expectations (the result would alse be dependent on the browser they use).

  4. Yes, you're right about the sidebar. I do however like this theme and sidebar widgets is not supported. The link is at the bottom right now and a bit too much tucked away.

  5. I think staff is slowing knocking them out. Emire wasn't either when they first installed it and someone else pointed out last week here in the forums that it was now.

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