Oops – saved as categories not as tags

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    Is there a way to save all my categories as tags,

    and an easy way to save all posts saved to those categories, also to those new tags?

    Somehow I thought I’d always tagged them. Not sure why you’d nee d categories and tags? Less complicated if they deleted categories option?

    The blog I need help with is lmighton.wordpress.com.



    Posts -> Categories
    In this page check the bottom of the page and click the link “category to tag converter”
    Now in this page you can convert the categories to tags.

    Also to convert Tags to categories you can go to Posts -> Tags, and in the smilar manner, click “tag to category converter” and do the reverse


    Note: At the time of this post, the links are pointing wrongly to the blog import page, i am reporting this to the support. Also if some moderator looks a this post, please check the link of the tags to category and category to tag links, they are wrongly pointed to the blog import page.


    @lmighton: There’s no need to change anything. Categories and tags are exactly the same thing: for search engines and global wp pages they’re both tags. Plus the Category cloud is better than the Tag cloud (CC is customizable, TC isn’t: it’s limited to the 45 most used tags).

    The only difference has to do with the organisation of your blog: categories can be the general subgroups of your posts, and can have a hierarchy, while tags can be more specific key-words related to the content of a particular post, no hierarchy.



    messup. the category to tag and tag to category converter is right there on the blog import export page, the fourth option from the top. simply didnt notice it. very sorry for that.


    @phoxis: No you were right: the CtoT or TtoC converter is also accessed the way you originally said (bottom right).



    @panaghiotisadam : Yes it is on the location where i said in the first post in this thread, but it took me to the blog import export page. Now when i used this feature, i forgot how it worked, i mean, did it directly open the tag, category converter page or took me to the blogimport export page and i had to click on the link. I simply missed the option in blog import export page, and thought it was a bug and reported :(

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