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Oops To Many Tags

  1. Well I was reading the forum posts this morning on traffic, or getting more to your blog. I noticed a response that stated you can have too many tags!! Oops!! When I first started blogging I used hardly any tags, then when I finally got into the tagging, I noticed increase in traffic, so I added more tags. Then when I started posting recipes, I tagged ingredients, and noticed an increase in how my blog was being found in search terms by people searching ingredients, then this morning when I read the post on "TO MANY TAGS" shock waves over came me. Please help me. I hope I am not a tag addict !!
    I will certainly try to limit the number of tags I use from now on. If I have used too many in the past does that ruin me for the future as well?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please read this support documentation entry. > You are using too many categories or tags >

  3. Can I go back and delete tags? See on the categories, how in the world do you have something like a food blog without a category for each type food? ie Beef, Pork, Chicken, Lamb, Entree's, Desserts, Soups Salads?
    This is why I have thought all along that a paid website might be better than a free blog?
    I am not complaining time thief, just trying to understand.

    Thanks for your help

  4. Yes you can delete tags. The whole aim of tagging is to use the least number of relevant Categories (broad topics) and Tags (specific) on any post that accurately describe the content.

    Note that if your blog was a self-hosted install then it would not be a part of the community because the blog is not being free hosted by

  5. Thanks Time Thief, I am starting to understand, if I am understanding right, then say I post a recipe for bread, then I would just use a category Bread/or Baking, and tags such as Food, Baking, Bread.

    Yes I know I love, would love to stay here. Don't want to move, the ease of use is so good and easy here.

    Though I see the day coming I want sell my baskets and art and I know that I can do that here. (where the customer can contact me) but till I explain all that to each customer when they just want to whip out the plastic and pay. that part is easier on the self hosted site.

    Hey thanks for taking the time to help me with all this it is greatly appreciated Time Thief. it really is.

  6. In terms of searching and "global tags" categories and tags function exactly the same way. So you'd have a category called "bread" and add tags such as whole wheat, quick bread, yeast bread, and other tags specifically about that bread.

  7. Thanks 1tess, I will try to do what you suggested, I really can see that I did not have a grasp on tags/categories, thanks you so much.

  8. You are welcome, then. Using tags and cats is a really good thing to understand for a blog.

    The links timethief provided should be required reading for all new bloggers!

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