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How did I wind up with so many blogs?

  1. Okay so yesterday I finally downloaded the WordPress app on my BlackBerry. I also wanted to create a new blog (but a simple one, sort of like tumblr without the annoying animated gifs). So, using my new app, I went to the add-another-blog page, and typed in my desired domain.

    In red, it then told me, "Sorry! This already exists!" So I was a little pissed slash sad. So I tried another. And another. And another. And another, until maybe eight attempted domains were taken.

    Defeated, I gave up.

    Last night while I was sleeping, I came up with the PERFECT domain. One that surely no one would have! So this morning (now), I went on my laptop (not the app), to see if that name was also already taken.

    And that's when I saw that I now have like, nine new domains (I just counted) registered in my account! And I feel bad, because I'm obvs not going to use them! But also I don't want WordPress agents to come arrest me for phishing or whatever the appropriate term is.

    So, although it is unlikely that anyone would ever WANT the nine domains I have accidentally created, is it possible for you to put them back in the domain pool? Or is this problem unfixable and I will forever feel guilty for stealing them? Or does no one really care and I should keep them private and inactive? Please advise.

    Also, perhaps you should fix that glitch in the app. And maybe create like, a limit of three new blogs per day or something, to prevent this from happening to others? Although, I'm probably just unlucky like that and this will never happen again in the future of the Internet. :(
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  2. We'll definitely look into the app problem.

    As for the blogs, I recommend keeping them and leaving them public.

    You can delete them, but deleted names aren't released. Keeping the blogs public will allow you to transfer them if you're ever approached by someone who wants the domain.

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