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    I don’t like galleries, and prefer to add photos inline with my witty text (or at least text I think is witty).

    I also would like the photos I post to open on a new window when someone clicks on them.

    While I know I can do this individually for each photo, I wonder if there is a default that does the same thing.

    There is one in the setting for links, but it has no effect on the photos themselves. I actually have to edit the link and manually set it to open in a new window or tab.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is



    There is no default setting like this, unfortunately.



    Interesting how “staff” goes out of its way to change things we like . . . and not add useful stuff.

    I think their original mission has been corrupted somewhat.

    I’m waiting for the next best thing to come along (it may be here already, and I’ve not heard of it . . . yet). You know, like when WP offered up something better than what was there.



    Compelling all links to open in new tabs or windows amounts to seizing control of another person’s browser. Depending on the device they use to connect to your blog and the age of their computing equipment know that you can be causing their browsers to crash.



    Hmm . . . not heard that. I occasionally try and see how the posts behave in other browsers (except Safari) and other computers (work, friends, relatives), and never hit on a problem.

    Are you referring to systems older than XP? Because people using stuff older than XP have other issues, and my blog would be the least of their problems.

    The reason I open to new windows or tabs is a preference of mine. I’ve not gotten any negative feedback on it, but I’ll do a poll.

    I also warn people that clicking on any links will open to new tabs or windows.

    Regardless, I don’t think it’s up to WordPress to decide how I want to present my blog, especially since I can manually set that option (and do). It’s a pain because of the number of links I usually have.

    By the way, once I set an actual link to open in new tabs, all subsequent links I add remember the setting. The issue I have is with photos. I open larger versions in new windows, and that has to be set for each one.


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