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    Would an option ‘open link in new tab’ be possible, next to ‘same’ and ‘new window’?

    Also, a way to set these options as default would be sweet (I always go for new window ‘coz I don’t like sending ‘my readers’ away and forcing them to click ‘back’ – I’m oh so protective of my content ;)

    (I did a search on this but couldn’t find it, sorry if it has been discussed somewhere already.)



    AFAIK, new tab only applies to certain browsers since not all browsers use tabs.

    And I agree on the option as a default. Send it in thru feedback.

    My understanding is that the current default of “same” is proper net etiquette but I always set mine to new window – don’t want to send my readers away, either :)



    IE6 opens a new window.
    Firefox in Options can be made to open a new tab when a ‘new window’ link is clicked.

    Given backwards compatibility with older browsers (because IE7 has tabs) it will stay as it is.

    Default – I very very much doubt it. But that’s why it can be changed :)


    Ok, thx.



    There is an option for links though. When you add a new or or edit an old one, you’ll find a tab along the right hand side labeled “Target.” That’s where you’ll find options for your bookmarks.

    Also remember though that forcing the user to open a link in a new window does break accessability guidelines.

    As to Post and Page text, you could always just add in ‘target=”_blank”‘ to your link.

    Hope this helps.

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