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  1. I have created a blog for a volunteer community. I want everyone/anyone to be able to post on it, not just comment. Can I do this?
    Or does the 'administrator' have to copy and paste comments into posts, like I've already done...
    I guess I could set up a comments page where people can add comments on anything and if there's a bunch of related ones I could manually copy and paste them onto a page - kind of transforming the intial starter comment into a post. This is a lot of manual work for the administrator tho.

    Any ideas for help..


  2. You can add your community members as users to your blog. Maybe you want to look for a free wiki service if the blog doesn't fit your needs.

  3. If I add them as users does this mean they all have the right to change the settings of the blog, like an administrator would?

    What is a free wiki service?


  4. unvblogster, you can set the users to have different roles.

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