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open source poetry

  1. sourceforgenet

    let's have poetry session open source, GPL, CC poetry we are talking about here's this poem, written by an African child was nominated for the Best Poem of 2005.

    When I born, I black;
    When I grow up I black;
    When I go in sun I black;
    When I scared, I black;
    When I sick, I black;
    And when I die, I still black;

    And Ü White fellows;
    When U born, U pink;
    When U grow up, U white
    When U go in sun, U red;
    When U cold, U blue;
    When U scared, U yellow;
    When U sick, U green;
    When U die, U grey;

    And U call me coloured

    Great message coming straight from a child in the form of a free flow poetry.

    Great Indeed

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  3. sourceforgenet

    got it i thought maybe a general discussion??

  4. Morbid
    The burning awakens me.
    The stinging proves i am alive.
    The tiny, barely there drops of it fascinate me
    and i force out more with a pinch of my skin.
    i trace the scars obsessively,
    my links to life.
    the rush i feel when i explain away scar after scar,
    cut after cut...
    it soothes me,
    lulls that roaring dragon to rest,
    if only for a day.
    My poem. My feelings. My life.

  5. sourceforgenet

    great one

    looking out of the window, i see.
    a little boy playing, another one a few steps away doing pee

    i watch them, as they play
    and take a look in the mirror of my hair gone grey,

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