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    I have submitted a few pieces of feedback now and mostly they just dissapear without a trace… That leads to posts on the forum with people wondering what happened to their feedback etc.

    If you opened up your feedback system or officially made a forum for it rather than a closed system that appears to dissapear into thin air.

    (BTW: Podz did reply to one of my questions by feedback and I was very grateful, this isnt meant to belittle that or any other effort, I actually hope it would make it EASIER for you guys)




    I’ve had similar feedback go missing. I also had a rpely from Podz asking a question, but when I replied, the mail bounced. I think changing the Feedback form to post into the support forum would be a good idea!



    Here’s what happens to feedback:
    – I read virtually everything. The ones I do not read are those that occur when I’m asleep or away AND have been answered.
    – If it’s a Thanks / I love WP and things of that type then a reply might happen.
    – If it is something I can deal with then that’s what I do and I reply. If anything continues to be wrong I will try and fix it.
    – If it is something I cannot deal with (themes / code) then I mark that and pass those on. I cannot always reassure that I have done this but I try.

    Feedback IS read and acted on as soon as possible.


    Opening a forum…I can see the point but I can see the arguments against it more clearly:
    – Feedback means it’s seen faster. I get the feedback sent every 10 minutes so if I can answer that’s not far off the response times that you can expect (but please don’t shoot me if I’m off that!) and that’s the BST timezone.
    – Feedback means what you want to say is taken individually. Forums generate a lot of noise, sometimes from people who have a different agenda.
    – Forums get cluttered and information can be seen that is out of date. That causes confusion. The way around that and keep things clean is to close and delete threads – which leads to accusations of censorship.
    – Forums can be confusing. There are 146000+ users who need to be able to use feedback and not all will either want to or be able to use a forum effectively. Clicking one link is easier.
    – Forums lead to ‘unofficial’ answers from those who may well mean good but it is not good.

    Feedback is not ideal but neither is a forum for those issues. If I thought differently I would say so and I’d push for it. I honestly think that Feedback is the lesser of the two evils (so to speak).

    (I just saw dannytuppeny’s reply)
    If email bounces, send another feedback. It will probably bounce due to a system glitch.

    Like I said at the top – I do read it and I will act on it or get it acted upon. It’s my name on almost everything that will come back from those feedbacks, and I want my name to be associated with the positive.



    What about a forum that can only be posted to from the “feedback form” and to which only admins can respond (to stop other users butting in)?

    That way, things can’t get lost accidentally because everyone can see them, and it’d save on duplicate feedback requests (especially if there was a search above the feedback form that searched the “forum”) :)



    Thanks for the (very speedy) reply. Like I said originally, I really do appreciate the time you put in on support. Maybe the best idea then is to open up public forum for those issues that you can’t deal with (it is a theme issue that I am having at the moment) or at least to have some sort of message that comes up saying that some types of problems (themes, etc) might take longer to get to.

    Thanks again for the reply and for considering it.



    dannytuppen – after spending over 2 years in the forums I can assure you that if you had the word ‘Search’ in red 48pt scrolling blinking characters across the top of the forum people still would not. Really.
    And searching also assumes they are using the same words as a previous answer. There is already doubling of tags here which are meant to assist (but let’s not get into that discussion).

    Having an forum that is open to be posted to / read but not replied to. All that will happen is people will start collecting stats to use against I honestly do not see how it can do anything but generate noise.

    Having a forum for themes / code problems that take longer. To be honest, there is little point. I pass those messages on. We don’t sit in the same office at the same time with the same workload so communication is not always as fast as we would like it – is it in any organisation?
    If someone uses feedback it will get seen and sorted as soon as we can and I can’t see the benefit of having that in public because again it just generates noise.
    The more noise goes on the more time is spent addressing what that noise creates instead of just getting on with the problems that do exist.

    Whatever system is used must be able to be used every day regardless of who wants to use it and it must be a stable system. The delay in me seeing a feedback is probably less than for a forum (I fire up Thunderbird first and email is easier to see fast). If we did have a forum and we then had to remove it – because of the actions of the minority abusing it – then we’d be called on it.

    Support will never be perfect for everyone no matter what system we use but as I have said before if I thought differently I would be saying so and I would have said so (or hinted) here.

    [Macnewbie – the only feedback I have from you is dated 19 April?]



    I submitted two on the 19th…

    One about a contact form (which you replied to) and another about a theme bug which is annoying as hell (it doesn’t recognise who you are anymore so every time you respond to your own blog you have to fill in all the fields).

    The bug appeared when Regulus was upgraded, the old version worked ok.



    In response to your other points, you convinced me :) Thanks for the very detailed replies.



    I just think it’s great that people are getting replies to feedback now. I used to feel slightly guilty telling people ‘send a feedback’ and knowing perfectly well they were only going to get one of those automated responses; even though there was nothing else we could do on this side to help them.

    So a belated thankyou to Podz! (they really should make you a key master, btw)



    That’s it, give me even more work to do! :)



    Just to wrap this up, podz e-mailed me last night and it looks like one of my feedback mails went AWOL… Passed the feedback on the theme bug on to him again and today, it is all fixed :) Thats great service… Thanks to all involved.



    I’m glad to see the theme bug fixed. It was indeed annoying. Good job!

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