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OpenID automatic login support

  1. It's been in the forums and added to the wiki, but I searched, and it's not here, so I'm taking my turn to put it out - how about OpenID support? It's at LiveJournal, MoveableType, and others, and it's growing. Think about it - one login for your own blog and to post comments on others - without having to sign up at some central location.

  2. OpenID support is a terrific (means great) idea!

    in the moment anyone can leave a comment on signed by whoever one will be able to imagine, and all that would be real is an IP addr. of some anon HTTP proxy only -- it's a bit lame. -- what is an OpenID

  3. I would be all for this if I could stay logged in.

    But, as I can't, I would have to log in every time I wanted to post a comment. And, to be honest, if I had to do that I probably wouldn't bother commenting.

  4. OpenID is a decentralized, open (not proprietary, sic!) system which just proves commentator's identity when the latter has its own blog (site) and wants his/ comment be signed, non anonimized.

    in other words OpenID is a digital signature which can be used to leave signed comments on all sites which support this system like, and derivatives (check

    so, OpenID doesn't restrict anon. comments per se, since it is (in the proper blogging system case) an option of the blog owner: whether anon. comments allowed at all, it just proves that comment left somewhere by 'wank' from is actually written by him/ and not by anyone else (me for instance; guess you wouldn't like this, though it is fairly possible ;-)

    to make a reply on this particular topic you (presumably) had to log in at this forum, but frankly, did it bothered you?

  5. victoriacarolina

    Hmmmm. I get to stay logged in HERE, but not on my blog or wank's or anyone else's. In fact I would have left a comment on another blog just a bit ago, but it informed me that since I wasn't logged in I couldn't do so, so screw it, I didn't comment, I left.

    If the PTBs ever get the "stay logged in" situation discombobulated, then talk to me again.

  6. I know what OpenID is, thanks. In fact, I recently suggested to the people doing the new version of what was formerly diary-x that they incorporate it into the comments system they're setting up. It's a nice idea. As I said, if I could stay logged in I'd be all for it.

    Firefox auto-fills in my password in the login form here, and on my blog admin page. It isn't saved for every blog I might visit and wish to comment on, and as I am hopeless at remembering randomly-generated passwords I would have to check the password email in my Gmail account every time I wanted to post a comment as myself. Surely you see this is impractical?

  7. wank: I am glad that you know what is an OpenID and understand that it is a single sign-on digital signature that can be used on all OpenID enabled sites instead of having accounts on and signing in them all to.

    you can see how it actually works by your own eyes at the following regular WordPress blog.

    just leave a comment using OpenID as an LJ-user. (note: you wont see your comment immediately cause, as a blog owner said, all comments are screened for premoderation)

    if a had an OI server installed (it's just a WP-plugin) you could use the only one auto-filled credentials "for every blog I might visit and wish to post a comment as myself" such as 'wank from' (assuming that blogs mentioned shall have an OI client -- which is gonna be common soon).

    that said, I consider it highly practical.

    victoriacarolina: first, I can hardly remember that I ever had a chance to talk with a user (not member) 'victoriacarolina' before.

    secondly, apparently owner of the blog you're talking about, is interested to see comments from community members only, and set an apropriate option ("membership") to prevent anon. comments, thus not willing to feed trolls of different kinds.

    next, if you want to discuss "stay logged in" situation, you'd better start off another thread on this topic, or direct your problems to the PTB.

    and at last, if you have to say on topic, then talk to me again.

  8. victoriacarolina

    *shrug* I have a .com blog. I obviously misunderstood what you were saying, for which I apologize as apparently I'm too dim to follow your discussion....

  9. it is very easy: had the .com blog you own OI server installed, you could post comments *as yourself* on other OI-client enabled blogs (like that I've referred in the post above) w/o having to register/login to that blogs.

    it appears, I failed to get how your .com (or whatever else) blog's problems related to in general and the topic being discussed in particular, so I bring my appologies in case I've missed something.

    anyhow, wish you ain't on "my" side... ;-)

  10. options: I hate to break this to you, but 'victoriacarolina' (under other usernames, natch) is a regular poster on both the support forums and the wp-forums mailing list. So much for your implications that she's a troll.

    Of course, you will say that without benefit of OpenID this is unverifiable. And I will say that now my login issues are largely fixed you may as well go ahead and file a feedback requesting this feature, if you didn't already.

  11. victoriacarolina

    Ah. I did not get the implication. Well, that would certainly "shortcut" the problem. Then again, after I wasn't able to post, and thought about what I had intended to post, I decided it was a good thing anyway....

    [And I edited my earlier post for pretty much the same reason: it was gratuitous and unnecessary, and I'm sorry you saw it before I could remove it.]

    Thanks, wank....

  12. wank: thanks for the clue. actually, to be honest, I enjoy reading sometimes posts "on WP" by that person ;-) just showed how such anon. commenting looks from outside, w/o context...

    nope, I wouldn't say that: "OpenID is not a trust system. Trust requires identity first."

    I don't filed feedback request yet for several reasons:
    * it might break "secure logging/bloggin'" system, which is not yet established well, even more;
    * it's too early. it should've gone at least two month (like with adding Search field in forums), before this idea can be adopted;
    * and, at length, there should be a *reception* in the community!

    as for login issues ("must be logged in to post"): one may try to change 'http:' to 'httpS:' on pages in question.

  13. For some reason, OpenID support is coming over the self hosted WP blog Dashboards today. It's out of date though as I see it. (v1.5 while we're running 2.0)

  14. The feed form planet.* is what self hosted blogs get instead of th3e one from the blog. It's still showing up today. If you follow through on the links, it brings you to a page for a plug in for 1.2/1.5 and the author promising an update soon. Not sure why Matt's promoting it now though.

  15. Agreed, it's sort of weird that he's linking to an outdated plugin; but it proves that at least he's interested in OpenID.

  16. ok, after scrolling through all that blah, can anyone tell me does wordpress have (or is going to have) OpenID support ?

  17. No, but the main person in charge of OpenID is talking about it so it may be happening in the future at some time.

  18. not completely.

    currently it acts as an Identity Provider only, lacks an OpenID Consumer support, i.e. is an OpenID Server, but still is not an OpenID enabled service.

    it means people with external OpenIDs (LiveJournal etc) have to either register on to comment on, or post comment as anonimous as a matter of fact:

    "My issue with comments is that if you're not signed in, you can pretty much leave a comment as whoever you want.

    For example, I can leave a bunch of comments on Nosy's blog on all those Brittany pictures and leave Mark's name as the commenter."

    PS hmm, wtf... apparently bbpress formatting module needs some loving: how can I insert an empty line into blockquote without it splitting a quotation into several parts like this one above?

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