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openID error message when posting to

  1. For the past week or more I am unable to comment on any blogs. When I try I get an "openID error" message. I notice others complained about this some time back and the issue was eventually resolved. Anyone else experiencing this problem of late?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Last I heard Open ID was borked I suggest choosing the option where you need to fill out your information manually.

    For anymore query;s about Open ID please direct those concerns to the following link location

  3. I don't experience it any more because I have given using openID. It assumes that because my username is "timethief" I have . Well I deleted that blog years ago and frankly I wish now that I hadn't. :(

    So now I comment on Blogger blogs by signing into my Blogger account. If you want to eliminate all hassle just get a Blogger blog and whether or not you use it the commenting on Blogger blogs problem will be solved.

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