OpenID – how much info is shared?

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    Hi. I’ve read the support pages and searched in forums – can’t find a clear answer – I used my openID today to post a comment on a blogger blog – that all worked fine. But now I’m having a panic attack – how much of my information will the ownder of that blog be allowed to see? Is their “view” restricted just to the content of my public profile page (which is deliberately scanty for privacy purposes) or are they allowed to dig further into my wordpress account / details / dashboard? Secondly, is non-public-profile information of mine somehow shared with the blogger site service (e.g. data collection for marketing, etc.) Anyone know? Thanks for any info anyone can provide.

    The blog I need help with is



    I doubt that leaving a comment using openID will provide anyone with access to your dashboard, or any other information that’s not found on your your public profile page, however, I have no definitive answers to either of your questions.

    Have you read this? OpenID Privacy Concerns

    I’m simply posting so this thread will be back on the main page of the forum where hopefully another Volunteer can answer it. If that doesn’t happen then you will have to contact Staff

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