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OpenId redirection: how to

  1. I wan to to use wordpress as my openid authentication service, but I want to keep my identity in my own domain as opposed to

    I have found some info ( ) on how to do that using html headers but it requires some informations I could not find:
    *the address of the openid server
    *the location of the XRDS (whatever that means)
    *my open id (the only one I know)

    How shall I proceed?


  2. oh I found another topic on that

    but still the question is not answered

  3. Not a clue. I don't think it would work since your domain is hosted elsewhere but I've sent in a feedback to staff to see if we can get someone to weigh in.

  4. OpenID delegation is quite possible with

    If you run a WordPress blog on your own site, for example, and want to use as your Open ID server, you would just add these lines to your other server's webpage (in the <head> section):

    <link rel="openid.server" href="" />
    <link rel="openid.delegate" href="" />

    This delegates the open id functionality for your domain over to

    The "openid.server" tells the OpenID requesting system where to go talk to to get OpenID info.
    The "openid.delegate" tells the OpenID requesting system who you actually are on that other system.

    This works absolutely correctly as near as I can tell.

    However,'s OpenID server doesn't actually appear to work at all right now. I've tried dozens of OpenID enabled consumers, and never actually prompts me to login, regardless of what I do. The OpenID tester fails to function with for anything beyond the initial setup sequence. I do not know why.

    Official tester is here:

  5. The OpenID problems appear to be corrected now. Delegation using the method I gave above now works.

  6. I don't get this. It worked earlier today, now it doesn't. Who should we talk to to figure out what's up with this?

  7. This thread gives you two ways to contact staff

  8. Well, now I'm thinking it's something specific to my browser. It works on my work PC, but not my home PC. I'll contact them when I have more information. Thanks!

  9. You're welcome and please do come back and share what you learn with us all. :)

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