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opening blog post no longer shows blog info like categories & previous/next post

  1. I noticed that all my widgets had disappeared from my main blog page (yesterday - Thursday - I think) - maybe that occurred with the design change, not sure.

    I added them back, but now I notice that the format of the individual blog posts has changed as well. When I used to open a blog post, it would now show the widgets from the main page, but instead would show a list of info about the post: when it was created, categories .. and the page would also have a link to the previous and next blog post. Now that is all gone, and instead I see the same widgets that were on the main page. There seems to be no way to get back the original design, and I don't like this one, nor is it terribly user-friendly for the reader. Help?

  2. and by "When I used to open a blog post, it would now show", I meant "it would not show"

  3. We can't do a thing to help until you give us a direct link to your blog, starting with http. And definitely put "widgets" into the search box and read through the threads of the last four days there was a huge change and you need to read the steps to preserve your widget contents.


    I did a search before I posted this, but didn't see anything that addressed my issue. I saw the posts that explained how to get the widgets back, which is what I had already done, but I did not see anything that talked about a change to individual page templates so that they now displayed the same widgets as the main blog page, instead of the info they used to display - info that was specific to each blog post and allowed navigation between blog posts.

  5. The themes have not been changed by the upgrade. If yours didn't display them on individual pages before, it won't now. If it did, it still should.

    I see: Pages, Archives, Categories and Top Posts on all your individual posts as well as the main blog. I don't see the Next/Previous links, though. Not sure what is going on. Obvious question: you didn't change your theme, did you?

  6. It did not display them on individual posts before. It does now.

    The theme has not changed.

    I just noticed another - related issue - the main blog no longer has the link at the bottom of the page that says "previous posts" and allows you to see the previous X number of entries. And vice versa (next posts).


  7. Interesting. I do see the Previous Entries at the bottom of the main blog, though. When I click on that the new page has both Previous Entries and Next Entries links.

  8. Found more info. Maybe you have an open tag. Check this thread out:

  9. Hmmm .. I shouldn't, as I haven't edited the post entrys html-wise in a while. Maybe someone tried to use a tag in the comments. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll check.

  10. Hmmm .. I got it back. But this is definitely a bug, likely connected to the sporadically missing 'Previous Posts'/'Next Posts' issue - whether it is specific to this theme or general, I don't know.

    I thought I would try removing all of the widgets and see what happened. As soon as I did, the info that used to be displayed for individual posts (categories, date/time stamp, links to previous/next individual posts ..) was displayed again and the 'widgets' that used to be on the main page (I didn't add any widgets when I started my blog - the theme included Pages/Categories/Archives on the main page by default) reappeared again.

    So .. it looks like I was wrong on the exact issue. The issue is really that portions of the template disappear sporadically, not just the Previous/Next post links, but some of the default information for the main page template as well. [And now I know that - for the Chaotic Soul template, adding widgets to the blog applies them to individual posts as well as to the main page, so I will not be adding them.]

  11. I've noticed it playing hide-and-seek as well. There is definitely something going on.

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