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opening image link in a new tab

  1. I searched the forums for a way to make an image link open up in a new tab and didn't find my answer. The question was asked more than once so I think others are wanting to do it to.

    I figured it out! So I thought I would post it here so it will show up on forum searches. (I don't know where else to post it.)

    I inserted my image through add media.
    I set the link URL to none.
    Then, while I was viewing the text of my entire page in Visual mode, I selected my picture just like I would select text that I wanted to link.
    I clicked on insert/edit link, pasted in my URL and selected it to open in a new tab.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. friend, just right click on it and select the option "open in new tab". or you can select the link and pest on the other tab. I think it will help you most.

  3. Esivy, are you asking from an Admin point of view? I wonder the same thing.

  4. The blog I need help with is

  5. alvinium - I'm not sure what you're asking except that I'm the person who controls the blog content so I guess you could call me Admin.

    But what I'm talking about is when I put an image in page or a post, by default if you linked it to another web page it opens in the same window so if a user clicks on it they leave your blog. I wanted the user clicking on it to open in a new browser tab so they didn't leave my blog.

    I accomplished that by using the steps above.

    Hope that helps!

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