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    On my blog: I’ve included links to play the songs I refer to in my posts. The problem is that they stop playing when you switch to another post. To get around this, I created a page with the full list of links. This works fine so long as the person checking out the blog knows how to make the page open in a separate window.

    I figured out how to force this page to open in a separate window with the link I placed in the body of the cover page, but never could figure out how to do this with the pages (“navigation”) widget in the sidebar.

    As this widget seems the most logical place for a reader to go, I’m hoping that someone knows how to do this. I would also be interested in suggestions for other ways to handle this issue.

    The blog I need help with is


    You’ll have to exclude that page from showing in the pages widget, and write the target-blank version of the link to it in a text widget. To get a uniform appearance, enclose it in the code for an unordered list, i.e.:



    Thanks. How do I exclude the page from the widget? What’s on “unordered list?”


    1. Search the FAQs.

    2. Items in the pages, archives etc. widgets are unordered lists. So to imitate their appearance in a text widget you need coding for unordered lists.



    Gotcha. Problem solved. Thanks.


    You’re welcome. (I see you did it perfectly!)

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