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Opening Still Frame of Videos

  1. When I post a video, before it is played, the sample frame is often an unfortunate frame with a silly look on my face. Is there way to impose a picture or, say, the very first frame of the video to appear before the video is actually played? It is very embarrassing to have a still shot in the middle of pronouncing a word with my face in an awkward and unnatural pose.

    Is there a way to control this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. As far as I know, "Capture Thumbnail" is the only way to capture a frame from your video, when using wordpress.

    more info

    If you were using youtube videos, then yes they have that option.

  3. supernu,

    Thanks for the link. The solution is not elegant but it does indeed work and with some trial and error and luck I can capture a thumbnail that I like. This page also enlightens me in other ways such as how to affect the video quality by selecting an appropriate size for the video.

    Very much obliged,

    Jim Gramze

  4. You're very welcome.

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