Opera 11.62 and insert image in Visual Editor

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    I did a search for a similar problem, but didn’t find any relevant posts (other than an old one from 2008 that had no responses), so I hope I’m not being repetitive here.

    I am using Opera 11.62, and I can’t seem to use the insert image button to put an image into a post or page. The little “working” bar shows up and does its thing, but then it vanishes without having the insert image box & options open up.

    I’ve tried enabling all pop-ups, but that hasn’t helped. I can insert an image using the URL by going into the html editor, but this is clunky, especially when I either want to upload a new image or want to link to an image that’s already in my Media Library — I have to open a separate tab, go to my Media Library, then grab the URL or upload the new image, then go back to my post/page tab, switch to the html editor, insert the image, then go back to the visual editor and click on the image to edit its properties. (That latter option works fine.)

    I am using Opera for this because I have two blogs that are not on the same account, and I like to be clear about which account I’m logged into. I use Firefox for my other blog, and have no problems. (I used to use Firefox exclusively until I one day found myself using the wrong account to respond to a comment.)

    Is there some setting in Opera that I need to change? Is this an unusual (or even common) problem that could be fixed by my doing something to Opera? Or is there something wrong with my Opera installation?

    The blog I need help with is mmadfan.com.



    Okay, I don’t usually “bump” here, but I’m hoping that someone familiar with Opera will see this and be able to help.


    I have this problem too! it doesnt insert hyperlinks either unless like you say I use the clunky methed!



    I’ve almost resigned myself to using Firefox exclusively and having to keep logging in and out of wordpress.com and just being careful to always log out when I’m done so that I don’t accidentally post replies or comments under the wrong account.

    I’ve cleared my cache and my cookies and I’ve done away with Opera Adblock, but I still can’t insert an image in the visual editor when using Opera.

    I also can’t use Opera to check my cc information in my upgrades — I have a domain that’s up for renewal, and I want to check the cc it’s being taken from, and absolutely nothing happens when I click the link to edit my cc. I’ve replied to the email I was sent by wp.com, as the email instructed me to do if I had any problems or questions, but I haven’t gotten any response (yet). I just need to make sure it’s going to be charged to a live account, not one I’ve closed. I guess I’ll try this in Firefox & see if it works. If it doesn’t, I don’t know what I’ll do about checking my cc.



    Same problem here with Opera 11.64 on Ubuntu. I cannot add any images.

    In Firefox, I can see that the dialog has been changed. I guess Opera support was broken when applying this change.

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