Operating Systems used to view Site?

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    I was just wondering if there is any way to tell what Operating systems are being used to view a WordPress dot com site? The Support pages say Google Analytics can’t be used, and the free Quantcast doesn’t seem to give this information. Also as Javascript can’t be used, one can’t use Bravenet or similiar to find out the main OS that readers are using to view one’s site.


    The blog I need help with is facinatingamazinganimals.wordpress.com.


    Statcounter will give you the OS and Browser, plus other info. You must use the WP.com code though (no Java), but it does now automatically give you the correct code to add when you type your URL in. You will not get referaal stats with this version though. There are many more you can use (Site Meter) and as long as you use the correct version they work just fine.



    Thank you so much, I installed the code from Statcounter in a Text box widget – using the “invisible tracking” option. Already I see 3 page loads, 2 using Mozilla Firefox (which I am running) and 1 using Chrome ! How exciting. Have a great weekend, from Celine


    Make sure you block your own visits, else they might all end up being Mozilla Firefox, if you see what i mean LOL



    Thank you “rattlingdoor“. I have blocked cookies now, so my own visits won’t be counted. I get alot of daily visits to my site but not much feedback. I love statistics and am impressed with Statcounter as it has options to click on, like “Browsers” and “Popular pages” which give me specific information.

    I see that from midnight yesterday to now (10.25am Perth time) – of 180 visits, 43 percent were by the Chrome Operating system and 23 percent from Firefox (including my own few at that time). 20 percent were from Internet Explorer.

    My home page looks a bit funny on my PC when I go to IE on Windows XP, with a wide-screen monitor, specifically some of the images don’t appear, and more to the point, the image of the butterfly “believe” in the sidebar looks distorted.

    I use Firefox but run IE 8 when I want to see how things look in Interne Explorer.

    I guess I will have to install Chrome, to see what my site looks like using Chrome.

    Thanks again! Celine


    You don’t have to install anything if you don’t want to. See here for cross browser compatibility > http://browsershots.org/

    See “visitor tracking” on this page for free non-JavaScript visitor tracking programs we can use that do provide that information.

    Browser stats are found here > http://www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_stats.asp Only 16.3 % are using IE browsers now. Chrome is leading 42.9 % and Firefox is 33.7 %



    Hi, I just found on the Forums a link by “timethief” whereby one can test cross-browser compatibility. One can get screen shots for multiple selections and save them to PC, or can click on Select None and then tick the Browsers you want to test.

    Browser Shots – test browsers

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