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Opinions please good peeps.

  1. I've just changed my theme and I want to know if the background colour is 'too much' and should it be more subtle.
    I would be really grateful for your opinions folks.


    Jess :)

  2. roughseasinthemed

    Yes and yes. does that help? :D

    Too bright, if you want a slightly more informed comment.

  3. snoozingonthesofa

    I would soften it or make it a darker hue if possible.

  4. @roughseasinthemed. Thank you. I've now changed to a smarter Olive green colour. :)

  5. The Olive Green look suits the theme well.

  6. Thank you everyone. Appreciate you having a look and you input. :D

  7. Awh I wanted my retina's to burn!

  8. @jessielansdel
    I hesitate to give a thumbs down to themes but that one is not the best choice IMO. I would choose another one. Hint >

  9. @TT. Thanks for the hint but they are mostly premium and the ones which aren't Im not keen on. Typical. But I'll bear it in mind when I change AGAIN. Give it a couple of months. Lol. I may have the funds to buy one then.

    Thanks all. :D

  10. phoenixtearsheal

    I had a look, and you're using the Misty theme, I have to say I love that one, cos I'm using it unmodified lol;.
    But it's true that you have to choose what best fits how you're going to use your blog. If your not sure, you could do (if not already doing it:) ) the duplicate private blog for theme tests; (if that would help/and you have the time etc).
    I like that you've personalized it. Also like that you can choose a new colour every time you fancy a change if you wish, rather than having to go for a whole new theme.

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