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    Before buying this theme, some basic questions:

    1. While the Opti demo displays categories horizontally below the header (perfect), the live preview for my site displays categories vertically, in a big block (unacceptable); how do I know which version I’ll actually get?

    2. Are there also separate pages on this theme, for example to be used as an “about” page and in the case of our news blog (thepointfitchburgstate.wordpress.com), for a police log and an entertainment calendar?

    3. Does this theme support slideshows?

    4. Can fonts be changed, and/or can lengths of stories that appear on main page be changed, with basic wordpress.com version?

    Very basic questions, I know, but kinda crucial to find out before buying.

    The blog I need help with is thepointfitchburgstate.wordpress.com.

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