optimizing destroys image quality

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    I understand why most images need to be optimized, but the fact remains that optimizing utterly destroys the color and contrast of images–the results are flat, washed out photos. I have already optimized my images EXACTLY how I want them (small files, correct color and contrast) in photoshop, so there is no need for your site to do it again when I upload them. Can I upload my images without your optimizer destroying them?

    Also, I seem to be able to only upload one photo per post. Is there any way I can upload several images in one post? Thanks


    WordPress actually uploads the full-sized image. T insert it into a post unmodified, use the procedure outlined here: http://onecoolsite.wordpress.com/2008/04/09/inserting-images-full-sized-in-new-wordpresscom/ .



    WordPress.com will resize the image on the fly if it’s scaled down – but the original is still there. It seems that the resize operation has problems with colour profiles, we’ll look into that.

    You can upload many photos per post. You can even upload many photos at once if you use the Flash uploader. If you tell us what’s preventing you from uploading more than one photo per post we might be able to help.

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