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    our blog is optimized for mobile, so the menu toggles to a vertical drop down menu. I am trying to change the min and/or max width of when this toggling occurs, so that when a browser is any smaller than desktop width, it toggle to the ‘mobile menu’

    our theme is: Visual

    The codes(s) in this forum chat do NOT work:

    The blog I need help with is mindonthemarkets.com.


    Hi there, the link you reference is for a different theme, and also for a self-hosted version of WordPress. CSS is theme specific, so what works for one theme will almost always not work for another.

    In some cases we can change the set point when the touch menu comes into play, but with Visual, the theme php script files are actually changing the CSS selector from navigation-main to navigation-small-main at 600px. I’ve tried a number of ways to try and hide the main navigation and make the touch navigation appear before 600px in width, but have not had any success since main-small-navigation does not appear in the HTML until 600px.

    That is the long way of saying that we can’t do what you requested in Visual.

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