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optimum image size?

  1. Is there an optimum size for images when adding them to the media library (and later to the page/post itself)? In DPI and px?

    I'm conscious of the amount of time it can take to load image-heavy pages, so I'd like to be as reader friendly as I can from the start. I know you can resize later, but it seems like a good idea to upload the biggest of the versions I plan to use, rather than something much bigger. If that makes any sense.

    I'm using the ChaoticSoul template, if that makes any difference.


    (I haven't been able to find the answer to this in other threads, but I apologise if it's been answered in the ones I haven't checked yet ...)

  2. A FAQ entry called How large can my images be? shows the maximum for Chaotic Soul is 480px.

    I, too, prefer to do all my re-sizing and optimizing before I upload photos. This FAQ tutorial might be of interest:

  3. Resizing is not quite so critical now (though certainly advisable) as we have improved the image handling on Images in new posts will be optimized to fit the size they take on the page (use the Size options when you insert into post and/or resize the image in the post editor).

    I think the largest useful image size for the web is around 800 to 1000 pixels on the longest side (that's my opinion, others will disagree). I'd suggest picking a standard size around there or smaller and resizing to that before you upload; then use the media and editor options for finer resizing when you insert images into your posts.

  4. Optimizing for resolution (as in the FAQ entry) is still desirable, yes? The blogger mentioned DPI and load times.

  5. Still desirable, yes. If you forget to resize or optimize your image and insert a small or medium version into your post, will usually optimize it on the fly for you to reduce the page load time. Resizing and optimizing it yourself means you have more control over the quality.

  6. Thanks for that, ellaella and tellyworth.
    I had seen the FAQ tutorial page, but it only says that optimising is a good idea, not what it equates to in terms of px size. Strange that I didn't get the other page when I did a straight search.
    I'll get the hang of this eventually.

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