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    I’d like to know where the option is, to set how many posts should appear on the front page. I’ve looked around in all the dashboard “Manage” categories but have not seen it.



    Under Settings>Reading >”Blog pages show at most” and set the number you want. This also affects your Archives as well.



    Thanks for steering me to this part of the settings. I have a little confusion still & am hesitant to make changes in case it bollixes something up & is not easily changed back.

    Settings>Reading >”Blog pages show at most” is already set to show at most 10 posts, but 18 appear on my front page. That is the only page I have now except the obligatory “About” page.

    The choices for “front page” are not a maximum number of posts, but “Your latest posts” or “A static page” (like the about page). So that doesn’t seem relevant.

    Do I need to create extra blog pages manually so that the “Blog pages show at most” setting of 10 will work?



    I think you may be getting confused between a post and a page. Please give us a link to your blog, starting with http, so we can take a look.



    @nosleepingdogs-if this is you http://nosleepingdogs.wordpress.com/ , I counted ten Posts on your front page. Try changing the number of posts on the Settings page and saving your changes. You should be OK.

    (using Cutline myself)

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