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Option to Display WordAds on Posts and Pages

  1. It would be great if bloggers had the option to control the ability to display WordAds on only posts, pages, or both posts and pages. I prefer a minimalist look to my blog and would prefer to only display ads on individual posts.

    I realize this would reduce our ad revenue but for bloggers like myself who prefer a clean look, I think this would be a nice option.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Q: Can I have fewer ads per page, more ads per page or different placement of the ads?
    A: Some bloggers would like different ad placements. WordAds is constrained in offering unlimited options as we need to customize each of the dozens of themes to accommodate ads.

  3. Thanks. I'd still like to see more options going forward. In order for WordAds to remain competitive, it needs to be dynamic. Keeping a static business model and expecting it to be relevant into the future indefinitely is poor strategy. This is a new program and I believe user input is crucial in making it the best it can be going forward.

  4. I'm sure WordAds Staff will attend to this thread as son as they can. I already flagged it for Staff attention.

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