Optional slideshow in Modularity Lite soon claiming it's first victim.

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    Is there any way to control which photos will show in the optional Slideshow (in modularity lite)? So far I’ve understood that it’s only the featured ones from the latest post which will show? Am I correct? But is there any way to choose, lets say, three photos – and not having to upload them in a post first?

    What I want is three photos on top of my blog, which has nothing to do with my latest posts.

    I have read through what I could find here on the forum, and the external links, but it seems like I can not find the answer.

    The blog I need help with is fancybloggen.wordpress.com.



    I don’t think it’s possible I’m afraid. From the support document.

    Can I exclude certain images from a slideshow?

    No. Currently the slideshow will only display all photos attached to a post. If you’d like to exclude certain photos you may be interested in using the gallery feature instead.




    You can exclude images from a gallery, but the built-in WordPress slideshow will display anything uploaded to the post or page where it appears. no way to exclude in a slideshow.

    See here about using excludes:http://agallerydemo.wordpress.com/2011/03/08/gallery-with-excluded-image/

    Also about slideshows: http://agallerydemo.wordpress.com/2011/03/24/mix-it-up-slideshowgallery/

    See here about using excludes: http://agallerydemo.wordpress.com/2011/03/08/gallery-with-excluded-image/



    If you decide to go with a Gallery then you can use the Gallery Shortcode to exclude images.
    o get an attachment ID for an image, go to your Media Library and hover over the image title you want to exclude. You can find the ID in the URL (the number after attachment_id=).



    @ardpete&timethief: The question isn’t about the WP slideshow.

    @fancybloggen: The ML slideshow is designed to showcase images from all your latest posts. It displays the first image you have uploaded to each one of the posts on the main page.



    Thank you for the correction.



    @justpi That was what I figured out as well at the end. Thanks!

    Haha. Thanks for the help guys, even though it wasn’t quite the help I asked for. Anyways, I got the help I needed in the end.



    Where can i read about header slide show?
    I don’t understand how do it!

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