orange notifications not working today?

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    I have noticed that after I checked the notifications under my orange button on the header no more have come up today. I have had a reply to a comment made and a new comment and only found them via the ‘comments I have made’ on the sidebar and an email.
    Is there a problem?

    The blog I need help with is



    Actually, now I have started to check there are comments on my blog and quite a few comment replies on other peoples blogs that have slipped through. Proper replies, not just comments after mine.
    My orange button is dead…noooo!!!


    I’m not getting notifications here, either. (Firefox 12 on Mac.)

    We’ve had so many storms I’ve had to keep shutting down my computer, so I know the site cache, history, cookies, have been cleared, and no little orange box telling me anything. Sniffle.



    I’ve been having the same problems. My notifications aren’t updating properly and each time I login, it just shows the last comment as being the newest one and as unread, even though I’ve “read it” a few times.



    It has started working again now… I know it missed about 10 things earlier today.

    I wonder how many times it has done this and I have just not noticed? At least I got emails notifying of any comments on my blog!

    I’m with you sensuousinkspiller, sniffle… no orange button means nobody cares :( self esteem ebbing….. ;)



    Now it is all over the place. Notifying, then the notification disappears from under the orange button only to reappear later like it just happened. 2 ‘likes’ came via email 10 mins ago but still no notification.
    What is going on people?

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