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    When I post my blogs, is there any way to chnage the order of how they display on the page…. eg. I want to move one above another?


    The blog I need help with is aswjmedia.wordpress.com.


    Only by editing the date/time the post is published. This support document explains about that: http://support.wordpress.com/posts/schedule-a-post/ .



    Is there a way to remove the date altogether from a blog post? I intend to edit some blog posts to keep them up to date.



    Only if you’re very good at CSS, have the paid CSS upgrade, and are using one of the themes where it’s possible. When you do, as I understand it you also lose the title and author as well.



    Thanks, raincoaster. You saved me a lot of time. It sounds like there is little flexibility in how one can order the blog posts on one’s home page.

    I want a blog format with sidebars, combined with a home page that acts as a table of contents for the site. There is this:

    I guess I could sticky one post on top. I want it to be a detailed list of my blog pages on WordPress.com. More detailed than the sidebar. I guess I could tell people to ignore the date on that stickied top post. I may do that for now. Could I also keep changing the date? Following the instructions at

    It is not clear to me from reading that page whether one can do that or not.

    I could let my other blog posts follow the stickied post down the page, and roll off the page naturally. Do blog posts roll off the page after a time period I select? What is the default?

    This sounds like the limit of how one can order the posts on one’s home page.



    I think what you want is a PAGE, not a POST. You certainly don’t want to sticky something that big, because nobody in the world will scroll down past it, they will simply conclude you never update and go away.

    Try using the Archive shortcode. Will that not do what you want?


    and this:


    You do NOT want to force people to that page every time they come to your blog. Would you read a book that started with the index?



    You can change the number of posts that show on the front page under Settings->Reading. You can change the order of posts on any page by changing the relative dates.



    Thanks again! I see that I want a site of pages, not posts. I will transfer my post to a page.

    I want to sticky a concise index page or post to the top of the home page. Is it possible to put pages on the home page (like a post)? And then sticky that page to the top? Or can pages only be linked from the sidebar with the pages widget or text widget?:

    In a note at the top of the stickied concise index post or page I will tell people to scroll down to see the intros to the latest pages and posts. I know enough HTML to put a link from the top of the index to the bottom of the index. And a link back to the top.

    This is the ordering I would prefer. I know from my other websites that most hits come from Google. So I am not really worried about people being intimidated by the site table of contents at the top of the home page.



    It is not possible to sticky a page. Pages are static.

    Like I said, if you put that at the top of the page, NOBODY will read your blog, because it will be too big (even if concise) and they would have to pagedown several times to get to the content. You can certainly do it, if you make it a post, not a page, and sticky it.

    In my experience with three years at Wp.com most readers do NOT come from Google to WordPress.com blogs; there are too many other options bringing them in.

    Pages can be linked from the sidebar with the pages widget, or you can pick a tabbed header theme, in which case they show up on the tabs.



    @leafytea, generally speaking, if you plan to add a lot of content over time, posts are probably a better choice. If you have a set number of articles you would like to organize in a specific way, pages would be a good choice.


    It seems I can no longer post in this thread using my other username, leafytea. As requested elsewhere I went to http://support.wordpress.com/contact/ and the problem with that username seems to be isolated to this thread. Thanks design5279 for helping me out on this. Staff are overworked and underpaid on many sites. Feel free to put as much advertising as you want on my blog. :) I understand the need for more paid staff. I am a volunteer admin at Wikia, and I have many edits on Wikipedia, too. I see all the work that paid staff do at those sites.

    I understand that blogs have multiple ways to increase their hit count. I have had a website since around 1998, and over 80% of the page views come from search engines. 90% of those hits come from Google. I wish to create a hybrid site that attracts readers via blog methods and traditional methods.

    To do that I would like to order the info on the home page a little. Books have tables of content. Most home pages have at least a cursory table of contents. It is easy to create a clickable table of contents at the top of a home page where the links take one down to various blog posts farther down the page, and to blog posts and pages elsewhere on the site and on the web. I can do that by stickying a post to the top of the home page. Of course, the sidebar and header links would act as further tables of content.

    The biggest, boldest, topmost link would be to “Latest blog posts.” This will attract readers via traditional blogging methods. I would use blog posts to point out the creation of new pages. This seems to be common in blogs, except they usually point to pages elsewhere on the web. In my case I intend the “Read the rest of this entry” link to go to pages (not posts) on my blog that are continually updated. My blog is not mainly a news blog like the CNN blogs. It is intended to be more of a reference blog on healthcare charts. There will be some traditional blog posts that point to the latest healthcare charts elsewhere. So someone coming to the homepage will have access both to updated reference pages, and to the latest news.


    There is a way to display a list of “Latest blog posts” in the sidebar using the Recent Posts widget, but there isn’t a way to automatically add a list like that to the main home page area. You could create something manually with a sticky post, but I would recommend using the Recent Posts widget in the sidebar instead.


    There are a couple things I’ll offer that you might want to take a look at. The first describes how to build a table of contents for writing books, and you might be able to use that method to achieve what you want: http://support.wordpress.com/write-a-book/ .

    The second suggestion is to check out the archives shortcode. This can produce a list of posts in reverse chronological order on a page, or in the sidebar (not useful in the sidebar if you are talking about a huge number of posts): http://support.wordpress.com/archives-shortcode/

    You can see an example of the output of the archives shortcode here: http://opposablethumbz.wordpress.com/post-index/ .

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