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order of my pages

  1. Hello

    When I choose an order for all my pages, I don't have a result, my pages are in alphabetical order.

    What i have to do ?

    Thx a lot

    (sorry for my level in english :S )

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I have the same problem. In my Pages widget I'd like my subpages not to appear alphabetically but when I give a 'number' to them in the edit page nothing changes. However, the sup-pages have the order I want at the end of each 'parent' page but that's too low on each screen..


  3. agonyfest,
    I can see your pages are ordered now.

    Are you using the instructions here?

  4. I can't even get tags for my pages....Nor can I load an avatar? I deleted all my pages....Tired of all the crap...

  5. Only posts can have tags, pages cannot.

    For your avatar, go directly to http://en/ while logged into wordpress, click the "my account" tab at the top left, click "add an image" and add the gravatar there. It should take a couple hours for it to propagate through all the wordpress datacenters and servers.

  6. FYI using pages for your content has major drawbacks you need to be be aware of:

    1. Pages will show up lower in search engine results because search engines place lower emphasis on pages. Pages are meant for static content. For some types of sites, this may actually be the best way of presenting the material though.

    2. When you publish a post, wordpress automatically "pings" all the major search engines to let them know you have published a new post so that they can index it. When you publish a page, wordpress does NOT "ping" the search engines. You will have to ping manually at a service such as

    3. Only posts show up on an RSS feed, pages do not. That means people cannot subscribe to your blog so that they are alerted when you add something new.

    4. You can assign categories and tags to posts to help the search engines properly place you in search results. Pages cannot have tags or categories as they sit outside the blog structure.

  7. Thanks for useful info. I was aware of the drawbacks of having updated content in pages but I think it compensates if you use posts as 'alerts' to the new content in pages. I update my pages content three times a week and I write a post where I summarize what I've written in pages and I include links to the pages I updated. I also add the tags related to the new content of the pages. I've been having hits from search engines with words contained in my pages not posts (limited though, but I think that's because my blog is in Greek and my subjects have to do with American pop culture) but still I think that's the way to go about it... Thanks, again

  8. As far as adding new pages is concerned it says that you can layer your pages so that one page can have a page within that and then one within that. Am I understanding that right? I would like to have a general page like "about" and then have another one that is specifically "about me" and maybe another one about my family. If that makes sense. Is there a way to do that? I set the "mother page" to a different page and nothing shows up. I can't figure this out. Please help.

  9. I don't know if it has to do with the theme you're using but what I've seen with two themes that I've worked with so far, you can't see the subpages in the Page tags on top of your home page. You can only see them as subpages in the Pages widget on your sidebar. It works for me as my subpages are actually archives of older page content. You can check out my blog to see what I mean.

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