How can I arrange to have all new posts in chronological order?

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    How can I arrange to have all new posts in chronological order, i.e. first posts first, last post last?
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    All posts are already shown in chronological order, do you encounter this differently?


    Actually, they are in REVERSE chronological order. LAST post 1st, and FIRST post LAST. That way, it always shows the more recent post at the TOP. I would prefer the opposite. It would then lend continuity to the posts,
    The only way I have found to do that it 1.) Writing the post 2.) Publishing it 3.) Editing it 4) Changing the date and time to predate the last post 5.) Publishing it again



    That’s correct — sites on always show posts in reverse chronological order. This is the default and there’s really no way to change that.

    However, you can easily create narratives by using links in a custom menu.

    You can also mark some posts as sticky, so that they always appear at the top of your front page:


    Thanks for the tip. I suppose I could use the “sticky” solution, but the instructions in your link say “Generally, the Sticky option is only used for one or two posts on a blog. It should not be used for every post.” Don’t know why one couldn’t use it on every post. I guess the best solution still is changing the date of the post to pre-date the one prior. In the case of my posts, it is not necessary to have them in reverse chronological order. In fact, it is counter-productive that way.
    Thanks once again!



    You’re very welcome — I’m glad I could help.

    You might also want to learn more about the differences between pages and posts to see if your needs wouldn’t be better met by publishing pages:

    Don’t hesitate to contact us again if you need anymore help. :-)

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