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Order of Posts

  1. How do I make my most recent posts show up first?
    Blog url:

  2. philippelestang

    I see that your problem is solved now.

    But I have the same problem!!

    - The first post I have written should be at the bottom.. But it is NOT ! The second post appears after (= below), while it should appear first (being the latest) !

    I never had this problem with WordPress. Is the theme I use corrupted?

  3. philippelestang

    To be clear: the first post is "Croire" . Should be at the bottom!

  4. If your posts are not disp;laying in reverse chenological order (most recent published post on top) please check these;

    1. Check your date and timezeone settings are correctly reflecting the timezone you are living and not the UTC default timezone setting here > Settings > General

    2. Another common reason for disorder of posts is "sticky posts". How many do you have? Is the answer more than one? Have you tried editing and removing the sticky post designation?

  5. philippelestang

    Thanks; solved!
    The time of one of the two posts was wrong, possibly due to hesitations on my side concerning the time zone.
    And I discovered that one can change the time of a post!

    Thanks for your quick answer!

  6. @philippelestang
    Hooray! I love happy endings. :)

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