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    New to site!

    How do I change the order of my posts? Ideally, so a ‘welcome’ post remains at the top of the page?


    The blog I need help with is jamesjrose.wordpress.com.


    To change the order of posts, you would need to change the dates they were posted, because generally things display in chronological order.

    (When it comes to Pages, though, you can change the order by assigning priority.)

    However! If you want to keep a welcome post on top of the page, you can make it a Sticky and leave it that way for as long as it’s relevant.



    That’s great! Thanks very much!
    Also, would you know how to keep posts defaulting to the home page, and just remaining as part of a page?


    No problem! I’m not sure I’m clear on your question. All posts exist as single items on their own, and your home page is set up to display posts as they are added. What would you like to see happen? Which page should they be part of?



    So, what I was thinking of was putting little preview posts on the home page, that included a link which could take them to the actual post itself. Kinda like headline posts that lead to the story…


    Oh sure, that makes sense. You can set your blog to publish a teaser text (rather than the full post) under your headline with a link that goes to the full post. Go to Dashboard > Settings > Reading and where it says “For each article in a feed, show” you select ‘Summary’ instead of ‘Full text.’

    By default, it grabs the first part of your content, but you can control the excerpt that is displayed by inputting ‘excerpt text’ on your post edit page. Here’s some more information: Excerpts



    Thanks for your help again, but it didn’t seem to work…I followed your instructions, but nothing happened. Does it take some time to take effect?
    One final question for you, if you don’t mind. How can you copy posts and embed them into a different page?



    Ah, that isn’t the right answer, though it is close.

    The Reading > For each article in a feed setting sets the FEED excerpt not the post.

    To set the post excerpt set the cursor where you wish the excerpt to end and click the MORE button. This will automatically place a “continue reading” link on that spot.

    For more information, see the more button help document.

    The information linked to on Excerpts is also helpful.

    If you wish a post and put it on a different post, you may do so with copy and paste. I recommend you use CUT to delete the redundant content and paste it where you wish it to be. If you wish to delete the post where the content was originally, you may click the Delete or Send to Trash link on the post.



    Thanks for your response on the more post button- very helpful!

    So to clarify, can you create “posts” within a different “page” or is this not possible. When I make a new post, it seems to default to the home page…


    Thanks for catching that, @lorelle!

    @earthwormgym, I’m not 100% sure what you mean, but I think you might be thinking more along these lines: “Posts on pages”

    Also, you can set the home page to be other things as well. It just defaults to showing recent blog posts. Here’s some more information on adjusting what shows on your home page: Reading Settings



    @earthwormgym: You can use “more” on Pages but currently there are no multiple post pageviews for Pages except search, which most WordPress Themes feature as excerpts, though not all.

    To “create posts within a different Page” as in the pseudo static Pages or within a post? (I fought hard to prevent the naming of Pages in WordPress and lost – so sorry)

    When you create a new post in the traditional blog model, the post appears on the front page of the site.

    If you are using the static front page model, where the front page is a Page and the Blog is separate, posts will appear in the blog and not on the front page of the site.

    If you are using the hybrid or dynamic front page model, such as on the Twenty-Eleven WordPress Theme with the front Page set with the Showcase Page Template, the Theme features a mix of static information and blog post information along with a separate “blog” page for viewing your latest posts.

    That is what lettergrade is talking about.

    The “Posts on Pages” article is indeed complicated to read and doesn’t make a lot of sense. Not sure what it is trying to accomplish, but the gist of it is that in WordPress, categories are ways of designating posts onto a “Page” by using the menu feature to customize the main navigation by adding categories to it.

    For example, a category based navigation menu might feature:

    Home About Tips News Contact

    Home would take the reader to the front page of the site. About is the About Page. Tips and News are post categories. Contact is another Page.

    Does that help?



    Wow- thank you yes that does help!

    I will save this as a resource when I try to change things again. Think I’ve got it how I want it so far…

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