Order of posts is wrong.

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    I have just posted to my blog and one I did yesterday is above it again. I say again because this happened earlier in the week and I thought that was probably a one-off.
    I did ask on the forums and I was told that the times on the posts were correct, but I KNOW that the one which appeared first was posted AFTER the one below it.

    So can someone please explain why this is happening. It’s quite annoying. Thank you.



    Every time you add a post it pushes the previous one down… This means the latest things you post are at the top of your wordpress.



    Are either of the posts set as Sticky or Featured?


    @raincoaster. No, but it seemed to start doing this when I re blogged a post from another blog on Monday. I’ll check to see if somehow the settings have changed. With an iPad and the WP app anything is possible I guess. :(

    @jcomben. Yes, I know but twice now the last post is first and the latest one is beneath it.



    Do you mean the reblog is below the non-reblog? This would help if we had direct links to each post, along with when each was posted and when each appears to have been posted.


    Right…this one was posted on Monday;


    The re blog was posted before that one but it appeared above that one.

    Here is the link to the re blog;

    And today’s post is below yesterday’s post.


    Ah, here is the reply I got from 1tess on Monday;

    There are two posts dated 8 April. They appear in the correct order according to the time-stamps on each.
    The re-blogged post is time-stamped: T15:26:55
    <time datetime=”2013-04-08T15:26:55+00:00″ class=”entry-date”>April 8, 2013</time>

    The other post is time-stamped: T08:59:22
    <time datetime=”2013-04-08T08:59:22+00:00″ class=”entry-date”>April 8, 2013</time>



    So is it possible to change the time-stamp?

    Here’s what I did. I often schedule posts for 4 a.m. my time. That way they are up in the morning even if I don’t get to it.

    So the day before yesterday I scheduled a post for 4 a.m. yesterday, and it posted as expected. http://mindrenewers.com/2013/04/09/confidence-in-princes-or-prime-ministers/

    Yesterday, I scheduled another post. Except, I think I must have also scheduled it for the 9th, rather than the 10th. Again for 4 a.m. It posted immediately, and it is out of order — appearing below the prior post, rather than above it. http://mindrenewers.com/2013/04/09/matthew-2128-32-the-parable-of-the-two-sons/

    So is there any way to change this, or do I just have to leave it where it is? I don’t want to change the url because people may be linking to it….



    Never mind, I changed the time, it sorted it.


    Yes, I’m doing a blog hop for today and my linky goes to yesterday’s post. So annoying.


    I have just been onto my Dahboard and looked at ‘All Posts’ and the one I posted today 10/04/13 has the date of the 9th on it. Clearly, this is wrong so how do I correct this. My date in general settings is correct.


    Can someone help me with this please. I have tried everything I can think of but no joy.


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    I’ll modlook this thread because we volunteers cannot help with this strange situation.

    Have you checked your time zone settings? Not that I think this has anything to do with the issue, but just covering the simplest thing first.


    Hi 1tess. I THINK it probably has something to do with the updated WP app as I’ve checked the dates on the post there, and my post of this morning had yesterday’s date on it. So that was probably the issue on Monday as well.
    I have done a test post and made sure that TODAY’S date was on it and it posted correctly.

    Hopefully, carefullŷ checking the date/day dial will solve the problem.

    Thank you and everybody for your time and patience.


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    Well, I’ll leave the modlook on this topic because something odd is going on. Sorry I had to work (hmm…i suppose that’s why one is paid?) so I dropped paying attention to your problem. It still looks like some strange mix-up with how you schedule your posts.

    edited to note the original post:



    So, as far as the system is concerned, everything is correct.

    If you were writing the posts in the iOS app, that could explain the problem. The auto-save had a fault where if the auto-save failed, it would try again later, thus replacing anything that was saved or published after it failed.

    The 3.5.2 release of the iOS app completely disables auto-save, so this will never happen again.


    Just to let you all know, I posted this morning and all was in the correct order. It was a mix up I think, with the date/day/time dial on the app.
    So all is well now.
    Thank you all for your time and patience. :)




    You’re welcome!

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