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    It appears that WordPress supports no customizations to ordered lists.

    The HTML attributes “type” and “start” are stripped from any code I enter, e.g.:

    <ol type="A" start="3">

  • xxxx
  • yyyy
  • would have the “type” and “start” attributes stripped.

    I realize that “type” and “start” are deprecated attributes, so I tried the list style CSS properties, e.g.:

    <ol style="list-style-type: upper-alpha";

  • xxxx
  • yyyy
  • These all work beautifully in blogger and other environments and I’m at a loss to understand why these attributes and CSS properties would be stripped in WordPress.

    More information:



You are correct: WordPress.com strips out those customizations because we are on a shared blogging platform and if you were allowed to change those items on your blog, you would be changing them for everyone else using the same theme.

If you are familiar with working with CSS you have the option of purchasing the CSS upgrade, which would allow you to make changes of this nature.



I appreciate your response, but what I’m talking about wouldn’t affect anyone else and has nothing to do with any theme I’m using.

I’m talking about a change that would affect the content of my individual posts, nothing else.

By disallowing the HTML “type” attribute and the “list-style-type” CSS property, WordPress is preventing me from creating an ordered list that uses letters instead of numbers. This has nothing to do with any template.

I think you’re referring to bullet styles and custom bullets and those are often customized differently in different templates, but I have yet to see a template that customizes ordered lists.

The HTML editor in WordPress already allows me to do several things I can’t do in the wsiwyg editor. I’d like the ability to have a list enumerated with letters instead of numbers, nothing fancy here.



We do allow style attributes on many HTML elements. The CSS in these attributes are filtered just the same as Custom CSS. What we do not allow is style tags.

The stripping of style, type, and start attributes was not intended. Now these are allowed on ol tags. Also, style and type are allowed on ul tags.

Thank you for the report.



Thank you Andy.

I’ll try re-importing my blogger site and see how it goes, not having those features was a show-stopper for me.

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