Ordered or unordered list in a comment?

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    Upon editing a comment under a post, I find I’m unable to create an ordered or unordered list. The html gets stripped out. It works fine in posts, but not comments. Why is this?



    Comments don’t have as many options as regular posts. They’re limited to links, italics, and bold as far as I can remember. That’s typical: I don’t think you can do lists in haloscan either.


    Okay, thanks. Good to know it’s not some oddity with the theme I’m using. Since the editor that comes up when you edit a comment has the same features as the html editor for posts, I just wondered…



    Most of the themes have that small list under the box as to what’s allowed for html. It is very more restrictive than a post is. Heck, I’ve noticed folks trying to dump in javascripts into mine in an attempt to gain access to the site.

    Always makes me wonder when we get folks here who want to remove that bit under the box there.


    Oh yeah, I didn’t think of that. Cutline (as you know :) ) doesn’t have that list.



    Hmm, I thought it did. Thanks for putting that out to me. I’ve been working on a list of enhancements on my own WPMu install and din’t realize that that was missing. Thanks for the feedback.

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