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Ordering Categories

  1. worthingtonpost

    How do I order categories? I would like them to appear in a certain order that is NOT alphabetical. Is it possible to change the order in which they appear in the sidebar? The categories are,


    I'd like them to appear in that order, but I have spent a good deal of time searching support and google, and have had no luck. Thank you so much, in advance!
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  2. You can use a Custom Menu widget to order them any way you want. That's the easiest. But you have to update it every time you add another category.

  3. worthingtonpost

    Thank you!!! I will try it now!

  4. You're welcome. You can also use a Text Widget too.

  5. worthingtonpost

    Okay, technomoron alert. Sorry. How do I add categories to the Custom Menu widget? Do I need to do a separate Custom Menu widget for each category?

    If so, how do I put posts into those categories? (Might be getting ahead of myself...)

  6. The posts already have to be in the categories, or they won't show on the category pages, naturally. Here are the instructions for Custom Menu Widgets.

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