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    Ok. this may have been asked a thousand times befor, but I don;t think so…. I’ve looked at this tag. But please, if it has, excuse me. I seem to be missing something elemental here although I’ve been using WP for a couple of years and tend to understand its basics.

    I want to choose the order of link categories that appear on my site. But no matter what I do, they seem to show up in a pretty random order (charlesredell.com). can anyone advice me as to how to change this order?

    Also, I’ve installed a few widgets to experiment with fixing this, and now,get this, I have ZERO link widgets in EITHER sidebar, and yet, my links still show up. What gives?

    FWIW, I have downloaded and activated: LinkBlocks, King Links, and Links list all to no avail.

    Am I dumb or just stupid?



    I believe you may be in the wrong forum and that you may actually want to be here at http://wordpress.org/support/.



    Agreed. You can edit your theme to assign an order for the categories but since our answer is going to be different from teh one that will actually help you, you’re best off asking at the other forums.

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