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    I am trying to add a slideshow. I work in text not visual so I am capable of adding [slideshow]

    Given the ghastly new media downgrade that is currently going on, I was prepared for some work and a bit of lateral thinking.

    Insert gallery and substitute words – slideshow.

    Insert slideshow.

    Change order of images.

    Reinsert gallery and then replace with slideshow.

    I can get the order right (by faffing with gallery) – but I can’t get it to stop playing backwards.

    Slideshow was a great feature that lots of us used, it was extremely easy and intuitive. Far better than 100 thumbnail pix of someone’s gallery but that is just my opinion.

    You could change the order, and arrange it ascending or descending. And now what? Terrible :(

    But if you can tell me how to change my piccies around to go the right way round that would be really good.

    The blog I need help with is roughseasinthemed.wordpress.com.



    Start by uploading the images into your page or post. There are still changes to be made such as bringing the slideshow button back. In the interim you can still create slideshows using the slideshow shortcode, provided that the images have already been uploaded through the post or page. http://en.support.wordpress.com/slideshows/#adding-a-slideshow-with-previously-uploaded-images
    Then see here for slideshow order > https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/there-is-no-more-option-to-make-a-slideshow-in-a-post?replies=5#post-1082501


    Thanks TT.

    I did all that, but in fact that isn’t the case at all.

    The button is irrelevant. It makes no difference.

    I uploaded the required images. I ticked them in the required order for gallery, as that was the only way to fiddle.

    I got them in the correct order, working well so far, but however I did it, reversing the order of images, I could only get the order back to front, ie last one first. Bizarre.

    A real blip/bug there that needs fixing. Thanks for trying to help, but I had tried all that.


    And? Staff response please.


    Still waiting, thanks.

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