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    The majority of entries on my blog are music reviews. However, I realize that it is difficult for a person wanting to read through these reviews to select ones that interest them. Is there a way to display a list of all reviews, possibly grouped by record label? I’d like this to display in the sidebar somehow. Take a look at my profile, and let me know. Thanks! –Startling Moniker



    raincoaster said:

    If you use the tags “Reviews” and “Previews” on the appropriate posts in your blog, WordPress.com will generate on the fly web pages with ALL the “Reviews” or “Previews” posts just the way you want, just by clicking on the tag in the sidebar. This enables you to have as many dynamic pages as there are tags in your blog. It’s more versatile than the structure you are asking for.



    I already use “reviews” with a lower-case “r”.. but that’s kind of dopey anyway– clicking this tag is like selecting 99% of my blog– I’m sure you can understand that this wouldn’t be very helpful for a person who might be interested in older entries, right? I understand the difference between a webpage and a blog, but there has GOT to be some blending of the two here. Maybe I need to re-phrase the question:

    Say someone visits my blog. They read a bunch of reviews, and maybe even click back to view the previous posts a couple times. It occurs to them that what they REALLY want to see is all the Pax Records reviews that I’ve done. This is where I’d really enjoy the ability for them to click something and have all those pop up. Can this be done?



    This may not be something you are inclined to do but I like it so here goes. I have a private blog which has not “gone public” yet and when it does I will have indexing http://faq.wordpress.com/2006/05/11/how-do-i-make-a-site-index/

    Maybe making such an index with appropriate adjustments (like PAX Records) will work for you. And maybe this won’t be suitable for your purposes at all but remember that I tried, okay. :) And let’s call on all other bloggers to share their ideas here too.


    I created an index page as you suggested. For now, I’m going to be happy simply to list all the reviews, with an individual link to each. At this time, I don’t think I have enough total reviews to merit categorizing them in another manner. Thanks for the help, Timethief!

    Here’s the page, so you can check it out.


    I think it turned out fine. –Startling Moniker



    YAY! That worked. I’m so glad. :)

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