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Oregon breeds the best car salesmen!!!!


    my hero.... serious eye candy too....

  2. What happened?? My speakers don't work after dropping last week. :(

  3. An Oregon car salesman - near Portland Oregan - Cory Hortzlander (sp) - it began around last Dec, when Cory discovered a homeless man was living in one of the cars on the dealership; Cory doesn't tell him to split, instead he gives the guy (guy #1) a cup of coffee, talks with him for a couple of hours, and ends up helping him locate an apartment.

    (guy #1) tells another homeless man (guy #2)- hey, if you need help, you should go see Cory down at the car dealership, etc.

    Guy#2 goes to see Cory, tell him his son needs shoes for his graduation. Cory gets him shoes, and a job.

    Guy #2 tells another guy who is just getting out of jail (guy #3) who had been convicted of meth possession and theft, about Cory. Cory meets him guy#3, gives him a job as a salesman.

    An interviewer of Cory .....asks Cory about this guy(#3) just getting out of jail and you're giving him a JOB????!!!!! (as though shocked, why would you employ this person)

    Cory says, well, what's my other choice?

    Interviewer - to NOT give him a job!

    Cory- that would be the wrong thing to do. Here is a guy in front of me, asking me for help, and I say no?

    guy#3 is interviewed, grateful for his second chance.

    word has spread throughout the homeless and prison community, if you need help, go down to the chevy dealership and speak to Cory.

    Evidently Katie Couric snagged an interview on him 9/14, I missed it.

    Cory is at the end of the youtube video, if you can't hear him, at least you can see him.

    He is worth the view. :)

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