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    2 problems with structure theme. I hope I’m not repeating these issues

    1 – Even though I’ve tried inputting both caption and description text in the featured image, it won’t show up on the blog homepage.

    2 – Under Appearance > Theme Options, the check box labeled “Show the set Feature Image on single posts” doesn’t seem to change anything

    Any ideas? Many thanks!

    The blog I need help with is


    1. Caption and description work with images inserted in a post the normal way, not with featured images.

    2. That option does what it says. Perhaps you forgot to click Save Options after checking it.



    Hi, thanks for your [very fast] answers.

    1. Re: Captions not appearing with feature images. Is that a bug? It seems like the whole point of having a featured image would be to explain what it is.

    2. Perhaps I misunderstand what the button does. I assume it toggles on/off the feature pic within the recent posts in the middle column beneath the featured post on top. Right now mine is unchecked (and I saved it), and yet the image still appears with the post. My mistake?


    You’re welcome.

    1. No, the point of the featured image is that it works in a special way. Special way varies from theme to theme: in Structure a FI will show up the way you’ve seen, in 2010 it will show up as an alternative header when you view a single post, in Modularity Lite it will show up on category pages, etc.

    2. The option toggles on/off the featured image when you view a single post, not on the blog front. Click the title of your latest post to see. If you want no FIs beneath your featured post, you’ll need to use the Excerpt field.

    See here too:



    Ah, I see. Perhaps I’ll just start inserting a caption into the FI when I edit them.



    Hi I’m having trouble just changing the structure theme logo at the top to my own. Am i missing something? i am a beginner at wordpress but it doesnt seem to be giving me a simple option and in the header.php code there is no mention of the current logo/header used.

    I am using the free version is this why?

    HELP :(

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