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    I want to organise posts so that they are contained within seperately named sections in the sidebar… i.e. posts about cars for instance, appear on the blog on date published but then if you click the “cars” menu, you’ll find all the blogs about cars in there as well… how can you do this…? cheers

    The blog I need help with is


    Post categories is how to organize your posts. Then when someone clicks on one of the categories in the categories widget they get a listing of just the posts in that category.

    Do note that your main page, the blog page, will continue to show all posts in all categories in reverse chronological order (newest at top). If you don’t want that, you can set a static front page, but that will reduce your visibility on search engines since they much prefer a main page that is dynamic and changes often.



    I am having a problem with categories. The category items are showing on the main page (I understand that is OK); but they are not showing on the category page at all.

    How do I get them to also show up in their correct category page?

    You will see the golfing products on the main page; but not on the category page ‘Golfing’

    Thanks for any help,




    Hello there,
    You are posting to the wrong forum. The URL you have posted is not to a free blog being free hosted by wordpress.COM, and those are the only blogs we provide support for here.

    To be clear about the differences please read this sticky post at the head of the forum and then head on over to http://wordpress.ORG/support/



    Thanks for correcting me and the link

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