Organising Posts (categories or tags?)

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    Hi there im a little confused as to the best way of sorting posts.
    Ideally i would like all posts to appear on my home page, however i would like them to be sub organised in to categories. So for instance my navigation will be:
    Home, projects(sub drop down menus 1,2,3), categories(sub drop down menus 1,2,3)
    All posts will appear on home page, then based on their content each will be organised in one of the sub menus in projects and one of the sub menus in categories.
    Is this possible? How do i achieve this, is this tags or something else?

    The blog I need help with is



    You file each post under the right category, and you create a custom menu that will include these categories. For details on custom menus see this post of mine:

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